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As of September 1, 2021, the much anticipated Baseledger testnet is live and now available to the public. ConsenSys Mesh announced that it will join Unibright and other companies to support and utilize Baseledger in its projects that aim to be compliant with the Baseline Protocol, a new enterprise systems integration standard.
Baseledger is a public-permissioned, council-governed blockchain network that fulfills the major requirements of enterprise organizations for participating in Baseline-enabled processes: A unified architecture ensuring service quality, data privacy and integration.
  • Baseledger is designed to support the Baseline approach, enabling a production ready architecture at enterprise scale, compliant with the the Baseline Protocol
  • Baseledger is designed to support a variety of uses cases, without technical or architectural limitations to specific verticals
  • Baseledger understands integration as a key issue to all use cases and includes this in the core of the Baseledger Architecture of Architectures
  • Baseledger is built around the main enterprise requirements for service quality
  • Baseledger is built with focus on regulatory compliance and data privacy
  • Baseledger equips enterprise ecosystems with best-of-breed infrastructure for adopting the Baseline protocol using pluggable Layer 1 and Layer 2 consensus mechanisms
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