Baseledger is governed by the Baseledger Council which consists of recognized companies from the Enterprise Blockchain space and adjacent sectors.
The Baseledger Governance Council was officially founded on December 1st, 2021. The Baseledger Council is set to grow constantly with an ever-broader set of parties to be included. A written contract signed by all council members guarantees their consent on the overall rules and conditions — ensuring they work for the long-term benefit of the Baseledger Network.
The primary and foremost task for the council members is to actively work on the governance of Baseledger. This includes running nodes themselves and appointing parties to run nodes with respect to the governing rules for the network. The council members will work on adjusting the overall rules and conditions of the network if necessary, work jointly on the core-software (along with the public source community), manage network pricing, drive customer onboarding, and work on a flexible path to make sure that compliance with legal regulations is reached.
The council members will vote on all matters and will have a scheduled fixed set of meetings in various working groups with appointed chairs.
The overall goal is for Baseledger to be the leading enterprise-grade DLT solution. The long-term interest of Baseledger is the agreed-upon maxim for the council — a goal that is mandatory to be shared by all council members. For the productive mainnet a governing body like an association or foundation is planned as a non-commercial, open and decentralized structure.
The governance contract architecture accommodating the productive setup of Baseledger is being developed which will, among other things, make the staking and other future contracts upgradable by way of the governance council.
Baseledger Governance Council website:
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