How to explore the Baseledger testnets
In the spirit of developing a proof of concept implementation to experiment with network validation in tendermint (including staking and delegation), native opcodes and a community block explorer, the team built the "lakewood" testnet. This testnet was created using Cosmos SDK.
The "peachtree" testnet was created from scratch using tendermint for BFT consensus and the Provide stack for subscribing to events emitted by the Baseledger governance and staking contracts, broadcasting baseline proofs to the network and otherwise interacting with the Baseline Protocol. As a result of this design, baseledger-core can be built as a single container and added to existing deployments of the Provide stack for increased security. baseledger-core can also run standalone (i.e., outside the context of a Provide stack). Baseledger nodes running outside the context of a Provide stack are not restricted from operating as validator, full or seed nodes. Organizations implementing the baseline pattern in commercial multiparty workflows benefit from running a local Baseledger node because it provides additional security to the cryptographic commitments (proofs) stored within the Provide stack without sacrificing any privacy guarantees inherent to baselining.


The Baseledger mainnet is currently scheduled to launch in Q1 2022. More information will be made available in Q4 2021 about the governance council and how you can apply to become a validator on the mainnet to earn block rewards in UBT.
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