The Baseledger Testnets

In the spirit of developing various proof of concept implementations, to experiment with network validation in Tendermint (including staking and delegation), native opcodes and a community block explorer, the team built the "lakewood" testnet. This testnet was created using Cosmos SDK. As a result of this design, the Lakewood Testnet can be built as a single container and can run standalone or can be added to existing deployments.
Access Lakewood's block explorer here:

After nearly 2 years of development, Baseledger, the council-governed Blockchain for Enterprises, has reached production level. The Mainnet is live with the first validators onboarded. The validator set will grow over time — you can have a look at the Mainnet evolving by using the block explorer at
The Baseledger Governance council will - among other tasks - align on the definition and assessment of acceptance criteria for mainnet candidates.
All findings and developments of different testnets support the definition of a mainnet candidate fulfilling this acceptance criteria.
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