How to use the Baseledger Proxy
The Unibright team decided to open source the Baseledger Proxy! First developed in 2021, Baseledger Proxy has already been used in client projects, studies, and Baseline related improvement proposal projects like the BLIP-1 group with members of SAP, TU Wien, and others.
The Baseledger Proxy was initially developed in 2021 by developers from Unibright, concircle, Finspot and Lakewood Consulting — for the first Baseledger/ SAP end-to-end demos presented by concircle. The proxy includes all the necessary components to set up a Baseline compliant process, like work group setup, off-chain messaging, multi-party-approval workflow management and Baseledger connection.
The Baseledger Proxy is designed in an open and extendable manner, to support different zero- and limited-knowledge-proof implementations, for example Baseledger TrustMesh. A seamless integration with SAP connector conUBC and with Baseledger comes out-of-the-box, but the proxy can also connect to other systems of record and could also be used to drop proofs on other consensus-controlled state machines. Baseledger Proxy is the only component needed for enterprise customers to baseline their processes and integrate all involved systems to a blockchain like Baseledger, without any vendor-lock-in.
The Baseledger Proxy repository including all the documentation for using it, will be opened in the beginning of April, 2022. It will then be accessible via
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