The Baseledger Mainnet
Mainnet Live After nearly 2 years of development, Baseledger, the council-governed Blockchain for Enterprises, has reached production level. The Mainnet is live with the first validators onboarded. The validator set will grow over time — you can have a look at the Mainnet evolving by using the block explorer at
All code is available at Github, the repository containing the Baseledger Mainnet code can be found here: It consists of two core modules, the proof and the bridge module.
Proof module This module is similar to Baseledger Lakewood ( and it is used for storing proofs. Everyone who executes proof storing transactions would need to pay Work tokens fee, that are depending on payload size (details on this will follow). This module also exposes custom cosmos-sdk client for signing and broadcasting transactions within REST endpoint, just by sending proof as a string, and it uses preconfigured keys stored in node file keyring (
Bridge Module This module is forked from Gravity Bridge ( Unlike Gravity Bridge, it is one way bridge (Ethereum => Cosmos), and it is listening and handling our application-specific events. Even though purpose is different and it is not separate chain, but only a module, structure and flow of bridge is following Gravity Bridge good practices: there is orchestrator (only with ethereum oracle in our case) that validators will need to run, that is listening to events and sending claim transactions, that are then voted within attestations. Also, compared to Gravity Bridge, we are using starport ( to scaffold cosmos module.
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