Service Quality
The Service Measurement Index (“SMI”) was designed based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. It consists of a set of business-relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide a standardized method for measuring and comparing business services.
The SMI framework provides a holistic view of Quality of Service (QoS) needed by customers for selecting business services (including blockchain services) to evaluate the feasibility of an enterprise solution based on:
  • Costs: Is the service cost-effective (per transaction, data storage, integration,…)?
  • Performance: Are there predictable projections for usage of service in terms of performance metrics?
  • Accountability: Are there concepts in place to serve demands around governance, support and service level agreements?
  • Agility: Is the service elastic, portable, adaptable and flexible?
  • Assurance: Will the service perform as expected (reliability, resiliency and service stability)?
  • Usability: Is it easy to integrate the services into the existing landscape (Accessibility, Installability, Learnability, Operability)?
  • Sustainability: Can it be assured that the different technical components of an enterprise solution can be maintained, enhanced or (if needed) exchanged without affecting the overall availability of the solution?
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