Token Model and UBT
There is already a set of products and services powered by the UBT token within Unibright’s product offerings. Nevertheless, we believe Baseledger is a perfect extension to these offerings. By combining them, UBT is not only an “input” payment token, but also an “output” reward token, which makes the token flow complete.
We propose a utility token model where:
  • The token acts as a payment mechanism for using software
  • The token acts as a staking mechanism for workers maintaining consensus
  • The token acts as a “share-in-the-block reward” mechanism for workers that are doing the work
  • A proxy-staking mechanism is in place, where members of the ecosystem can contribute to a worker’s stake (and partially participate in the rewards) without doing the work themselves
  • Organizations (users) do not need to handle the token themselves and can pay in fiat money
The following diagram shows the token and fiat streams envisioned in the tokenized ecosystem of Baseledger, incorporating aforementioned elements like revenues, rewards and customer payments.
This model has the potential to successfully support the distinction between and proper addressing of both the enterprise audience (interested in Software-as-a-Service with a classic fiat payment model) and the cryptocurrency audience (interested in holding and staking UBT and participating in revenues and rewards).
This would create a framework for a self-sustaining ecosystem that is able to grow and incentivize those working on it. It is vital to understand that the curating/governing is done in a way whereby funds are given to those that add to the network's overall revenue and growth. As described, two main paths to reward workers are shown: The first is a network reward paid to those maintaining the Baseledger nodes; the second is giving grants to entities that work on the product and ecosystem in a meaningful way.
The complete vision is a token model that helps to grow the network around Baseledger. The more network usage occurs, the more tokens get staked, leading to higher demand. Additionally, more usage should lead to more revenue which is partly returned to the network to incentivize workers.
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